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The Infinite Man LifeUpgrade Masterclass
The ONE Key to Creating an Authentic Life of Passion & Purpose
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  • Whether it's your dating, relationships, finances or career, there's one deceptively simple, but incredibly powerful mindset that can literally produce unlimited opportunities for success... if you know what it is and how to implement it! 
  • How To Live A Life of Freedom: Sasha and Ryan feel blessed to be able to work from anywhere and travel the world, doing what they love every day, so it never feels like 'work'. Freedom is about spending time with whoever you want, wherever & whenever you want. We'll show you how! 
  • How to Find Your Passion & Purpose in Life: Hitting snooze 5 times before trudging off to a 9-5 you hate, just to make enough money to pay rent? That surely isn't what life is supposed to be about! What if you were able to jump out of bed every day, excited to do something you absolutely love... which ended up paying you more than what you're doing right now? We'll share our stories of finding our passion & purpose, and break down actionable steps you can take to find yours too. 
  • The Difference Between The 1% Who Achieve Their Dreams… and Everyone Else: After studying great leaders, breaking down our own journeys, and looking at case studies from our hundreds of coaching clients, we've discovered a key principle that separates those that attain their goals long-term, and the majority of guys who settle for lives of mediocrity. We'll reveal that principle and how you can implement it into your life immediately! 
  • Your Roadmap To An Upgraded Life: We'll give you a step-by-step, actionable blueprint you can implement to take these mindsets, principles and apply them into your own life to start seeing noticeable improvements in your social interactions, your work life, your relationships, your energy & health, and your sense of direction and fulfilment in your life. Even if this presentation just helps ONE of those areas by a few percent, isn't it worth attending (for FREE)? Click the blue "Submit" button to join the training, starting soon…
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Sasha Daygame

Founder, Infinite Man.
Author, "The Direct Daygame Bible: How To Meet & Attract Beautiful Women In Everyday Situations"

Ryan Black

Head UK Coach
Co-founder, Infinite Man
WARNING: We'll be sharing powerful secrets of success usually reserved for our $4,000-$15,000+ paying clients. We'll shatter your existing mindsets, and blow other so-called 'Gurus' out of the water. If you are easily offended, don't like having your beliefs challenged, or don't like to take personal responsibility for changing your life, then do not ATTEND.
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